Image above: 3D Render of the FotoNostrum Gallery

Since 2010, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards has selected and exhibited hundreds of artists from all over the world helping them to further their careers, and promoting photography appraisal. Now it has decided to establish its home, FotoNostrum Gallery, in the vibrant and cosmopolitan Barcelona.

FotoNostrum is a global gathering site where all moves around photography. Besides showcasing contemporary photography from all over the world it will also emphasise in Mediterranean Countries’ fine art and documentary photography through the House of Mediterranean Photography which will be accommodated and sheltered in the gallery. Located in the heart of Barcelona, FotoNostrum has an net exhibition space of 9,150 square feet (850 square meters) in two levels, and will feature several solo and collective exhibitions per year of established photographers and emerging talents. Additionally to exhibitions, artists and visitors will be able to attend book presentations, shop gifts and prints at affordable prices, or just relax and have a drink. A meeting room will also be available for artists and special invitees.


Our Mission

FotoNostrum’s mission is to increase society’s understanding and appreciation of photography and its evolving role in contemporary culture. We seek to promote emerging artists building audiences, stimulate dialogue among photographers and among photographers and public, and promote inquiry about photography through publications and exhibitions in our current location in Barcelona and at locations outside of our physical space such as art fairs.

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards has exhibited emerging and established photographers at the Cicle of Fine Arts in Madrid (2010), Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires (2012), Heritage Museum of Malaga (2014), Palazzo Italia in Berlin (2016) and Nau Bostik Cultural Center in Barcelona (2018). Now it will continue to promote artists and photography appraisal from its own physical gallery FotoNostrum. Our aim is to transform FotoNostrum in Spain’s leading photography gallery with international impact.
— Julio Hirsch-Hardy, Director of the WPGA and FotoNostrum Gallery